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“Kathleen not only negotiated the legalese and dumbed it down for me, but more importantly was an empathetic and caring touchstone. Always available just to hear me vent and help me pull it together. And then insure that on paper, at the end of the process, I was treated fairly and came out feeling good about moving forward in that regard and emotionally more whole.” – Matthew O.


“Casey has truly been a godsend to both Dave and I in regards to moving our files forward and keeping the pressure on! We appreciate her SO much. Her cool-headedness and extreme intelligence is just awesome to witness.” – Tobi S.


“I felt so scared and lost and Kathleen made me feel that everything was going to be okay—she is a beautiful person.” – Jenny.

Using the Right Tools Along the Way

Depending on your goals and the circumstances of the divorce there are a number of legal tools we can use to help resolve dispute. Our job will be to educate you in ways which will resolve conflicts faster and focus on the areas that matter most to you.

Case Assessment / Legal opinion of your case


Lawyer Assisted Negotiation




Collaborative Law


Self Represented Legal Support





Preserving Your Future

Property & Debt Division
In Alberta there are different laws which apply to married vs. common law relationships. These laws will affect whether the property can be divided equally, not divided at all, or somewhere in between. With help these disputes can be resolved quickly, rather than being drawn out over a number of years.

Our team will help you navigate the areas of uncertainty and focus on the things which are most important to you.

Child Support

Child support refers to how parents financially support their children after separation. This is governed by the Federal Child Support Guidelines. Within these guidelines payments are determined by the income of each parent, as well as child related expenses which each parent shares. Ensuring that all of these values are properly accounted for can be a complex task and may be revised yearly. Support is also affected by where the child lives primarily.

As each of these questions arise, our team will help balance these factors and ensure you are properly represented in this area.

Spousal Support

The right to apply for and obtain support can apply to married, common law and individuals in an adult interdependent relationship. Depending on the nature of the relationship different laws will apply, as well as the factors by which support assessed. When this support is paid can also vary, along with the tax implications of this schedule.

Along with proper representation throughout these discussions, we’ll help you understand the implications of all of these decisions, both short-term and over time.


At Wells Family Law we believe that parents are most qualified to assess the best interests of their children. At the same time some parents aren’t able and agree on the parenting arrangements. Our team is committed to finding a negotiated resolution that works for both parents and the children.
Successful negotiations create enduring parenting plans supported by both parties which they have jointly helped create.
When parents aren’t able to agree how the children’s needs are best met, a third party (either a judge or an arbitrator) will have to impose an arrangement.

Throughout this process our team will work hard to reach a negotiated solution and, when necessary, support you as the decision is presented to a third party.

Separation Agreements

A Separation Agreement is a legal contract which outlines parenting and financial responsibilities. Prior to this agreement we help guide our clients through the process of financial disclosure and negotiations.

While Separation Agreements can be very complex or very general, we’ll review each of your options and provide advice and guidance along the way. When properly made, these agreements provide certainty and dependability following the divorce or separation.

Prenuptial & Cohabitation Agreements

Prenuptial Agreements (often called a Prenup) and Cohabitation Agreements can help couples walk confidently into marriage or cohabitation without the fear of risking their assets.

At Wells Family Law we understand that discussing these types of Agreements can be hard for couples. When properly explored, these agreements can help solidify a couple’s commitment by reducing risk and worry.

As we discuss these agreements with you we’re committed to helping you build an agreement which is both functional and honors your relationship.