by Trish Greyeyes

How can we already be in the month of May?! In less than 8 weeks, your school-aged children will be off for the summer months. What do you have planned for your child(ren) this summer?

If you are separated or divorced, making these arrangements might be more complicated. Here are some steps and suggestions to help you get organized for the summer months:

  1. Do you have an existing Parenting Agreement or Parenting Order in place? If you do, please review the terms of that Parenting Agreement/Parenting Order now. Most Parenting Agreements/ Parenting Orders set out summer schedules.
  2. Have you exchanged your summer schedule with your co-parent? If your Parenting Agreement/Parenting Order does not set out a date to exchange summer schedules by, then you should try to talk to your co-parent and get the schedules exchanged as soon as possible. You should consider special occasions like, for example, weddings and anniversaries. These special occasions might not fall on your parenting time during the summer so you will need to have some respectful discussions with your co-parent in order to fit those special occasions into the summer schedule.
  3. Where are you going to take your summer holidays? Think about whether you are going to travel outside of the province, or outside of the country, and make sure your Parenting Agreement/ Parenting Order contains a clause allowing you to travel with your child interprovincially or internationally. Do you need your co-parent’s permission? Have the travel documents prepared and sent to your co-parent for his or her review and signature a few weeks in advance.
  4. Did you provide your co-parent a travel itinerary if you are travelling interprovincially or internationally? Make sure you have a travel itinerary drafted and sent to your co-parent. It should include where you are travelling, where you plan to stay, contact numbers, and when you plan to be back.
  5. Do you need a passport for your child(ren)? Is the passport still valid? If the passport is close to expiring, you should apply to renew the child(ren)’s passport(s) as soon as possible. Check your Parenting Agreement/ Parenting Order to determine if you need your co-parent’s signature for the passport renewal, or if the need for their signature has been dispensed with.
  6. Do you have all your travel documents? Make sure you have all the necessary paperwork so you can easily travel with your children.
  7. What happens if you are unable to agree? The most important thing you can do at this stage is to not argue in front of the child(ren), or within earshot of the child(ren). Also, do not use the child(ren) as a messenger between their parents.

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