Separation, Pre-Nup and Cohabitation Agreements

A Separation Agreement is a legal contract which outlines parenting and financial responsibilities. Prior to this agreement we help guide our clients through the process of financial disclosure and negotiations.

While Separation Agreements can be very complex or very general, we’ll review each of your options and provide advice and guidance along the way. When properly made, these agreements provide certainty and dependability following the divorce or separation.

Prenuptial Agreements (often called a Prenup) and Cohabitation Agreements can help couples walk confidently into marriage or cohabitation without the fear of risking their assets.

At Wells Family Law we understand that discussing these types of Agreements can be hard for couples. When properly explored, these agreements can help solidify a couple’s commitment by reducing risk and worry.

As we discuss these agreements with you we’re committed to helping you build an agreement which is both functional and honors your relationship.